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Themed Event
  • Mobile library
  •  Taichung Public Library promotes mobile library service and actively provides library resources to the places far away from libraries for all citizens.  Taichung Public Library actively contacts communities and public spaces, and cooperates with ..
  • Home Study Room
  •  The event can be traced back to 2017. Participants can borrow books, take photos, register, share the style of his/her own study room at home, and take part in the contest.  Readers can use Taichung Public Library Card to borrow books and decorat..
  • The First Season: Diverse Reading
  •  Activities in the First Season, the Diverse Reading Season, will integrate topics including arts, science, and music. By integrating local cultures, digital resources, themed book exhibitions, story-telling, and performances, the public will be able..
  • The Second Season: World Book Day
  •  In 1995, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization officially made April 23 the World Book and Copyright Day (a.k.a. the World Book Day), hoping that the world will celebrate this day and pay attention to the development o..
  • The Third Season: Bookstart
  •   Bookstart originated in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1992. In 2003, the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taichung County referenced reading promotion models abroad and introduced Bookstart to its library and held the first Bookstart activity..
  • The Fourth Season: Taichung Reading Festival: Blessed with Reading
  •  The Taichung Reading Festival originated from the Taiwan Reading Festival, a grand annual event in Taiwan’s library scene. Taichung Public Library scheduled themed activities including Reading Fair, Creative Book Exhibition, My Reading Room vo..