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Library Volunteers
Recruitment: Long-term recruitment; please download the form from the Volunteer’s Corner on our official website, or pick up a brochure and application form at the information desk at each library. Location: All branches of the Taichung Public Library system. Recruitment process: After submitting the application form, the library will do a preliminary review of the submitted written material, and notify those who meet the library’s needs of an interview date. Target for recruitment: Those who are 18 years or older, and who have enthusiasm for helping people as well as a passion for reading. Groups and services required by each group:
  • Reading Group: Assist in shelving books, organizing book shelves, helping visitors to look for books, book repair, logistics, etc.
  • Storytelling Group: Assist with storytelling and acting out the content of picture books.
  • Data Organization Group: Assist in cataloging, processing, and sorting donated books, etc.; requires someone who is meticulous and patient (e.g., able to assist in placing barcodes and various types of labels, and collaborate with internal training to operate the library collection system).
  • Information Group: Assist the public in signing up for the library’s social network platforms, help to promote digital resources, and be a teaching assistant when conducting courses on digital resources.
  • Administration Group: Assist the volunteer team with administrative tasks.
  • Activity Group: Assist with reading promotion activities, guided tours, photo sessions, etc.

*The above groups may be adjusted according to the needs of each library.

*Recruitment is based on volunteers’ willingness and expertise; those who join the library need to serve for at least one year and be able to take part in volunteer training and internship.

*When applying, you agree to abide by the library’s volunteer management guidelines and the relevant regulations of the Taichung City Government on volunteer services.

*We welcome those who have basic speaking proficiency in English and immigrants to become storytelling volunteers. Please refer to the recruitment brochure for more information on recruitment and the services required.

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