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What are the opening times of the branches of Taichung Public Library?
The general opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday: 08:30-21:00, Sunday: 08:30-17:30, and closed on Mondays and n..<more>
How do foreigners apply for a library card?
Please present your residence permit or passport to any branch of the Taichung Public Library. <more>
Where can I use my library card to borrow books?
You may borrow books from the Taichung Public Library and the branches of National Library of Public Information. <more>
What should I do when I lose my library card?
Foreigners should bring their residence permit or passport to any branch of the Taichung Public Library to report the lo..<more>
How many books can I borrow on my library card? For how many days?
You may borrow up to 30 books for 30 days and 6 audio-visual items for 14 days. <more>
Can I make a reservation for a book with my library card?
With your library card you may reserve up to 6 books or audiovisual items. <more>
What is the penalty for late return of a borrowed book?
In the case of a late return, your borrowing rights will be suspended for 1 day for each overdue day. For 2 or more late..<more>
What should I do if I have lost my borrowed book?
If you purchase the same or newer version of a book or audiovisual item and hand it in, it will be deemed as returnin..<more>
Can journals be borrowed?
Current journals are restricted to the library. Back issues of journals can be borrowed. <more>
How do you return books?
The reader may return books at any of the branches of Taichung Public Library. You may return books at the service count..<more>
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