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City Reading

 The Taichung Public Library is committed to promoting city reading by bringing library resources into the places people visit in their daily lives. By promoting the Family Library Card borrowing services, the library has helped communities, businesses, convenience stores, government agencies, hospitals, social welfare organizations and campuses to create small reading rooms. Some convenience stores in Taichung have dedicated reading rooms that provide children with their favorite books so that parents can read with their children at a store near home. In order to enable migrant workers living away from home to enjoy reading, the library takes the initiative to deliver books to dormitories where migrant workers live, providing books and magazines in Vietnamese, Thai, and other languages.

 The library has also launched the “Co-Reading Book Box” service to help school teachers as they incorporate reading lessons into instruction to enhance students’ reading skills. Teachers only need to reserve a book box on the website and have it delivered directly to their campus, and students are encouraged to read and submit articles to newspapers or participate in essay contests. It is hoped that through these diverse collaboration channels, the citizens of Taiwan can utilize various library resources for learning, self-enrichment and continuous growth, making the library an integral part of their lives.

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UPDATED:2023/4/17 AM 09:32:00