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 The Taichung Public Library was officially established on March 1, 2016. The library has 8 sections and offices and 43 branches. Initially the main library was located in the original Sizhangli Library in Beitun District, and its name was changed to the Taichung Public Library Main Library, which co-ordinates all the public libraries across the city. The main library also sets the collection policy and drives research and innovation in the city’s library system. In the future, the main library will relocate to a new building, once it is completed.  

 The Taichung Public Library has a blueprint for reading promotion in Greater Taichung and actively pursues the four goals of "Creating a Reading City", "Enriching the Library Collection", "Transforming Library Spaces", and "Constructing New Buildings". It pursues greater professionalism, proactiveness, efficiency, and consistency in order to serve as a locomotive to set the train of reading in motion. The library sees its role as producing forward-looking ideas and visions in order to create and provide superior reading services to the public. The library includes areas for visitors and readers of different ages, with a tall "Wisdom Tree wall" and a spatially transparent design that creates a comfortable reading atmosphere and a "park-style library". The first floor houses the children's area and the seniors' area which have wooden floors and reading sofas to provide a comfortable reading environment for book lovers.  

 There is a "Reading Corner" at the second floor, specially designed with sofas and fresh flower arrangements to create a colorful and warm atmosphere. The third floor is home to the youth reading area and has a simple style industrial design, with large square windows that let in the green park landscape. Apple iMac desktop computers with 21-inch screens are also set in this area offering the latest in high technology. The fourth floor is the staff office area and is combined with an art corridor for exhibitions to draw people closer to books and artistic aesthetics.  

 The new main building of the Taichung Public Library will be located north of the Shuinan Economic and Trade Park and Central Park. It is a multifunctional building combining a library and art museum. The new main building, which covers an area of about 2.6 hectares, has been designed by the Pritzker Prize winning architect Sejima Kazuyo. The building has 7 stories above ground and 2 stories underground, with a total floor area of approximately 58,000 square meters. It is Sejima Kazuyo's first public building work in Taiwan.  

 Sejima Kazuyo is a people-oriented architect, who has cleverly integrated the characteristics of a library and art museum by creating transparency and fluidity among the 8 buildings through glass exterior walls and other materials to realize the concept of a "library in the park and an art museum in the forest." In the future, this will not only be the first building in Taichung to combine library and museum functions in a new urban aesthetic, but will also undoubtedly be a new landmark of world-class architecture representing the deep-rooted and evolving urban cultural heritage of Taichung.

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