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Themed Event

 Bookstart is an activity that promotes and helps babies and children cultivate their reading habits from an early age. The activity first got promoted in Birmingham, UK in 1992. The child care personnel would visit the households with children aged 7 to 9 months and perform a health check on them. And they would give free books to parents during the visit.

 Taichung started the Bookstart activity in 2003. The Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung County took reference from the reading promotion model in foreign countries and introduced the model to hold the first Bookstart activity in Taiwan in the Library. The activity was well-accepted by the public. The Ministry of Education recognized our experience in holding the Bookstart activity and decided to promote the activity throughout the whole country in 2009. The Ministry of Education gave subsidies to Cultural Affairs Bureaus of individual Cities/Counties and public libraries to hold the “Bookstart- Reading Promotion Project for Children Aged 0-3”.

 From July to October every year, Taichung Public Library and all branches launch a series of Bookstart activities, including growth forums for parents, story play, creative game activities, and story telling. These activities will strengthen the important ideas of parents and children reading together. In addition, Taichung Public Library actively promote cross-field collaborations. We cooperate with medical institutions and social welfare organizations to promote parent-children reading for children at the age of 0-5. When accompanying your kid, you can bond with him/her through reading picture books together. Moreover, reading will also activate children’s brain development at an early stage.


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