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Themed Event
International Mother Tongue Day

 Your mother tongue is more than a language you have learned since you were a child. It is a natural tool that we communicate our thoughts with. Our mother tongue constructs our identity and it serves as a main character for passing down cultures. In 1999, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) proposed an initiative that starting from 2000, February 21 every year should be “International Mother Tongue Day” for the world. The goal is to tell the world about the importance of protecting languages to promote mother tongues to be passed down. International Mother Tongue Day not only can prevent most languages in the world from becoming extinct, but also remind the public to face and recognize their own mother tongues and cultures. The event can wake the deepest meaning in a culture. To promote the learning of mother tongues and foster the development of diverse local languages in Taiwan, Taichung Public Library holds the “International Mother Tongue Day” event. Activities in the event include story telling, book club, movie appreciation, forum, themed book exhibition, diverse culture and creative experience, digital resource promotion, volunteer training, and art appreciation. We hope that people can understand the value and beauty of the indigenous languages, Taiwanese, Hakka, and languages of new immigrants. Therefore, people can do their part in passing down the language and culture.

International Mother Tongue Day
Book Exhibition
Mother tongue drama

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