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World Book & Copyright Day

 The origin of the World Book & Copyright Day is a romantic story of “Roses and Books” in Catalonia, Spain. In 1995, UNESCO officially announced that April 23 would be “World Book & Copyright Day” (also known as World Book Day). UNESCO hoped that through the celebration of this day around the world, people could pay more attention to the development of reading, publishing, and intellectual rights. UNESCO also called for schools, libraries, publishers, and non-profit organizations of its member countries to promote reading activities in the hope that this would make reading an interest for the public and the world could pay more attention to copyright. Ever since that, April 23 has become the day for all book lovers in the world.

 To promote reading, Taichung Public Library has launched a series of activities with different themes every year. With themed book exhibitions and fair events, we hope that people will notice the diversity and beauty of reading which actually exists in our life in colorful types.

World Book & Copyright Day
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