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Themed Event
The Fourth Season: Taichung Reading Festival: Blessed with Reading

 The Taichung Reading Festival originated from the Taiwan Reading Festival, a grand annual event in Taiwan’s library scene. Taichung Public Library scheduled themed activities including Reading Fair, Creative Book Exhibition, My Reading Room voting event, Reading Cities, Sleepover at the Library, and Good Books and Second-Hand Books Exchange. Hosted at the 44 library branches in Taichung, rich and lively methods are adopted to make reading a part of life and to shape a reading brand exclusive to Taichung: “Blessed with Reading.” Among the activities, the one with the largest scale, “Comfy Book Fair,” integrates reading partners such as each library branch, art and cultural workers, bookstores, publishers, and universities to fill up booths and hold exhibitions and performances, to arrange poetry and essay compositions, handmade arts, digital experiences, story troupes, and dance troupes. The public is immersed in a happy feeling of full-day reading.


UPDATED:2024/1/24 PM 03:26:00