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Themed Event
Book Day of Taichung

 The origin of “Book Day of Taichung” is the grand event “Taiwan Reading Festival”. In the 4th quarter every year, we cooperate with reading partners in all fields and areas to hold a series of themed events. We blend reading into life in an energetic way. Besides, we encourage people to read and feel the thoughts and scenarios in a book. The activities include: reading fair, creative book exhibition, Home Study Room Contest, Bookstart, spending a night in the Library, book exchange, and second-hand magazine exchange. Among the activities, the largest event is the “Good Books in Life” reading fair. In the fair you will see stands of artists, library branches, book stores, publishers, and universities. Moreover, we plan paper-cutting, board games, and art experience activities during the event. We also invite storytelling groups and dance groups to play in the event so that people can read in diverse ways.

Book Day of Taichung
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